Introducing the New Eyechronic Network

  • Free for Retail Locations

  • 2.5% of Ad Revenues

  • Free Screen Promotions

  • Store Analytics Platform

  • Reduce Perceived Wait Times

  • Increase Dwell Time Per Visit

What our Customers are Saying

  • Brian - Manager
    "Eyechronic Network is a great tool to have in the store. We can educate our customers on in-house sales using our free ad slots.  There's great education and entertainment content provided by Eyechronic, as well,  and it even gets updated weekly. Our customers love to see what's new and will often just sit in the lobby and watch for a while. We still can't believe we got it for free!"
    Brian - Manager
    The Marijuana Company
  • JT Wessel Asst. Manager
    “We installed the Eyechronic.tv System about 2 weeks ago. We opted for self-install and it was relatively simple; as long as you have mounted things to walls before, you should be fine! Once it was installed and powered on, finalizing was a snap. We even had our personal slides on the TV the next day! The content is relevant and entertaining; this week is all about how to make a gravity bong, which has sparked many interesting conversations with our patients. Gone are the days of customers nervously fidgeting at the POS, or worrying about the “Dark side of YouTube” popping up on the TV, or worrying about how to advertise daily deals. Eyechronic.tv has changed all that!” 
    JT Wessel Asst. Manager
    Rocky Mountain Cannabis
  • Greg Miller, Managing Partner
    “RMB customers are experiencing a whole new world of information since our new Eyechronic TV was installed last month. We are excited to learn more about the system while optimizing its full potential in the coming months. Thank you Eyechronic for such a great opportunity to inform our customer base"
    Greg Miller, Managing Partner
    Rocky Mountain Blaze
  • Joe
    "I highly recommend Eyechronic Tv! Eyechronic Tv offers a great digital platform for retailers to showcase brands and services. It's educational and fun for the customers! It's really easy to setup and navigate. Retailers are able to customize their own slides and highlight their own messages with ease! Thanks for the great service!"
    NWC (Northwest Collective)
  • Marni
    "I just wanted to send over a note saying thank you for getting us all set up with Eyechronic! WE LOVE IT! It’s so easy to use, we are getting great feedback from our customers, and the whole installation process was seamless."
    Black Jack Collective
  • Lilly
    "We always get great comments on how professional the EYECHRONIC TV Monitor looks in our store. We love the constantly changing information and the ease of use ."
    Capitol Green Leaf

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Revenue Boost Calculator

The industry average for the amount of time a customer spends in a dispensary is reported to be between between 15 and 20 minutes. The average dwell time at a location with the Eyechronic Network is approximately 29 minutes. Statistics show that for every extra minute that a customer spends in a store, per ticket sales increase by 1.3%. Just how much are your sales projected to increase with the Eyechronic network in your location? Calculate the sales boost using our Revenue Boost Calculator below! The numbers pre-configured in the calculator below are based upon industry research reports. Feel free to adjust each slider to reflect your stores unique traffic, average tickets, and dwell time.



The Eyechronic Effect


Ready to learn about the network?


Digital signage builds brand affinity at levels equal to TV and greater than any other advertising form. It also influences consumers on the path to purchase more than any ad medium, including the Internet. Eyechronic delivers messages to the environment where audiences experience them... ads that can't be delayed, skipped or turned off!

Real Time Visitor Tracking

Advanced Web Analytics with Reporting


Visitor Frequency
Dwell Time



Ready to learn about the network?